Transforming Dialogue group coaching, mentoring and training program

I help experienced mediators and other professionals to expand their business by teaching them to facilitate group dialogues on complex issues that divide organizations and communities.

Years ago I was working as a mediator and therapist but I was frustrated with the impact I could have and the income I could generate. So I changed professions. I transferred my knowledge and skills to designing, facilitating and teaching others about dialogue on divisive issues. I can help you follow a similar path, leveraging and adding to your mediation skills to help you create a dialogue practice that can have greater impact on much wider circles and generate more income.

Many mediators and other professionals want to grow their practice by helping organizations that are in crisis over political, religious or identity differences: conflicts that cannot be resolved through mediation. Others want to have a bigger impact on society but are limited in their reach by the nature of their work. While traditional mediation might not be useful in these conflicts, there is a way to help people deepen their understanding, restore trust and work constructively together through the power of dialogue.

In this mentoring, training and group coaching program, people will work with me and a small group of learners to develop their internal resources, acquire the skills and learn the art of facilitating dialogue among people who are divided by differences that cannot be mediated to agreement: core values, identities and world views. In the end, they will be able to offer dialogue design and facilitation to organizations and communities that are in crisis.

If you’re interested in learning more, please click the link below to watch a brief video.