Case Studies

Clients include universities, community agencies, churches, independent schools, as well as national and international organizations.

Case Studies

Bob brings his 30 years of experience as a mediator and his 22 years with The Public Conversations Project (now Essential Partners) using Reflective Structured Dialogue to help people cross deep divisions while engaging the most incendiary issues, into his current work with clients.


International: Re-settling Refugees, Finland

Finland, like many other countries in Europe and beyond, has been welcoming refugees from war-torn nations like Syria and Somalia…

Media: Post-film Discussion guide, The Armor of Light

Producers of the documentary film, “The Armor of Light,” which chronicles an evangelical minister’s shift of perspectives on gun rights and gun control…

Communities of Faith: Healing Episcopal divisions in Pittsburgh

The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh, PA was the epicenter of what would become a huge division in the national church and its international parent body, the Anglican Communion…

Higher Education: Working through intra-department conflict

A liberal arts college history department was embroiled in ongoing conflict that affected its reputation within and outside of the institution and its ability to serve its students…

Civic Issues: The Respectful Conversations Project, Minnesota

In the run-up to a state-wide vote on a marriage amendment to the Minnesota state constitution, the Minnesota Council of Churches teamed up with the Busch Foundation…

Church and Inter-faith Retreats

A very active, growing church was also actively splitting apart due to disputes about past clergy….

At a time when specialization breeds limitation, Bob brings a remarkable range of skills and sensitivities to the complexities of conversation in the midst of conflict. Bob’s background as a therapist as well as trainer brings a refreshing balance to the fore whether he is working with a small group or leading a large convocation. His unique ability to assess as he is instructing enables Bob to connect with a diversity of audiences.

I have worked with Bob in a variety of settings. He led our church through a process of dialogue in the early days of the same-sex marriage debate that was not only successful at that time but became a model of “congregational conversation” that has continued to be effective in many other potentially difficult conversations. Bob’s wisdom and humor compliment his knowledge and capacity to connect in situations where division and conflict might threaten less seasoned facilitators. With the challenges we face in the current social climate Bob breaks the barriers; he comfortably navigates the classic taboos of politics and religion… and anything else that we’re not supposed to discuss!

Rev. Michael J. Duda

Senior Pastor, First Church, Wenham, MA

Partial Client List

  • Harvard Negotiation Project
  • The US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
  • Kennedy School of Government
  • School of Public Health at Harvard University
  • House of Bishops of the US Episcopal Church
  • National Institute of Mental Health
  • Glendale, CA Presbyterian Church
  • NASA
  • Southern Vermont College
  • Archbishop of Canterbury
  • BioLogos Foundation
  • Fork Films
  • Center for Creative Dialogue in Taipei
  • CoRe Group in Manila